Friday, January 31, 2014

Meet the Faces of the Spicewood #29: Renee Sanders

Dear blog readers,

I'm excited to introduce one of our extraordinary 2nd grade teachers, Mrs. Renee Sanders.

Mrs. Sanders in action!
Mrs. Sanders was born in Heidelberg, Germany- how fascinating is that! Her father was in the army and once he retired from it, the entire family moved to Austin when she was 9 years old. This is her 7th year here at Spicewood and as a teacher. What did she do before she became a teacher some must wonder. Mrs. Sanders spent 21 years in retail management and the last 10 years of those 21 were spent with Victoria's Secret! Mrs. Sanders and her husband have a wonderful son together. Her favorite food is Mexican food. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite book is the famous Charlotte's Web. Mrs. Sanders shared that she loves working with children because they keep her inspired and enthusiastic. "The minute you walk into the school, you immediately sense a warm, welcoming atmosphere coming from the staff and students," stated Mrs. Sanders. She'd like to encourage our students to never ever give up on themselves!

2nd grade has spent significant amount of learning time exploring poetry under the PYP unit of How We Express Ourselves. When I slipped into her classroom, the class was engaged in sharing of their research project on pertinent poets they have chosen to work on. As students shared out loud, teachers and students provided constructive feedback and comments to make viable connections to their central idea. Did you know Dr. Seuss' last name is really not Seuss? That was one of the things a student shared. :)
Students engaged in sharing and listening

There's so much evidence of student thinking and processing all around the classroom!
I thoroughly enjoy joining Mrs. Sanders' class whenever I get a chance. Some might think, "how interesting can a conversation be amongst 2nd graders" but this classroom will prove you wrong. Through rich discussions students build new understanding and expand their knowledge as Mrs. Sanders guides the conversations and student learning as an effective facilitator of learning. Mrs. Sanders is a teacher with intuition that knows how to lead learners to greater understanding.