Sunday, May 25, 2014

Meet the Faces of Spicewood #53: Julie Jacobs

Dear fabulous audience,

Here's our next employee of the week, Mrs. Julie Jacobs, another super 2nd grade teacher!

Mrs. Jacobs was born in Moline, Illinois. She moved to Texas because her father, an Army officer, was stationed at Fort Hood when she was in high school. She actually graduated from Killeen High School and then came to Austin to go to the University of Texas-Austin. Her husband, Matt, works at National instruments. They together had two boys; Cameron graduated from Texas A&M, receiving a Bachelors in Science in Zoology and is getting masters in Biomedical Science and plans to apply to Veterinarian school soon. Devin is a junior at Westwood HS down the street from us. Mrs. Jacob's dad, Al, also lives in the house with the family. Prior to coming Spicewood 25 years ago (yes! 25!), Mrs. Jacobs taught 2 years in small private school in Kailua, Hawaii because her husband was stationed on the island of Oahu. Her family then moved back to Austin and been at Spicewood for 25 years since! Her favorite food is pizza. She loves the color yellow. Her favorite book is called A Thousand Splendid Suns written by Khaled Hosseini.

"The love and commitment our staff has for this school and the children is my favorite thing about Spicewood. Our school is the best around because of this." She continued on to share, "I love this neighborhood and all the people that live here and go to our school. It's such an amazing community with great families!" She tells our students to follow their dreams! "Find out what you love to do and don't give up until you're doing it."

Our students were being introduced to our summer online eReader program, MyON Reading, when I visited them in the classroom. Every student had a laptop with a headphone set and under Mrs. Jacobs' guidance, students were able to set up their account by taking individualized student interest inventory and a quick reading level assessment. Whenever I visit Mrs. Jacobs' class, I always get blown away by the level of depth in students' thinking and problem solving. If anyone flips through Mrs. Jacobs' 2nd graders' academic journals- math, science, etc- you'll know exactly what I am talking about and you'll also be blown away! What is so great about Spicewood is that we have teachers like Mrs. Jacobs who have poured their passion and dedication in teaching excellence for a long steady period of time!