Thursday, May 29, 2014

Meet the Faces of Spicewood #64: Mindy Ravines

Dear Bloggers,

Onto our next employee of the week, please take a moment to read about our wonderful PE Aide, Mrs. Mindy Ravines!

Mrs. Ravines was born in Fort Worth, Texas. She moved to Austin 15 years ago with her husband, Nick. They together have 2 amazing children; Max is 10 and Lola is 8 years old. They also raise two dogs- Hawk the Cowdog and Tucker the yellow lab. :) Prior to becoming a valuable part of Spicewood community, she was a college recruiter at Trilogy Software company, an Account Manager at and a photographer! When she came to us for an interview last summer, she shared with the committee that she student taught English at a high school and found out HS was not her thing. :) I must say elementary is definitely her thing based on her rocking contributions this year! Her favorite foods are sushi and Mexican. She loves peach color. There are too many books she loves but if she has to pick just few, it would be the Harry Potter series along with any books written by Jodi Picoult.

Mrs. Ravines chose IB as one of her favorite thing about Spicewood as it makes Spicewood fun and exciting for all stakeholders. "The families seem so friendly and the kids are great!!" stated Mrs. Ravines. She'd like to encourage our students to have warmth in their hearts!

As mentioned above, she has been a valuable addition to our school this school year. She is such an initiator and go-getter! Her positive outlook on everything- including learning the IB in and out as a specials personnel- has been more than just impressive. Kudos to Mrs. Ravines for always being so supportive and flexible as she serves our students and assists other PE teachers here at Spicewood!