Monday, May 26, 2014

Updates from the Principal-Celebrations Included

Dear families and community members,

I hope everyone is spending some time to honor those who served and are serving our country today. It is hard to believe that we are on our final week of school for the year. It has been a great first year for me as I have gotten to know all of my teachers, students and many of parents. I count it as a blessing that my journey has led me to Spicewood. Thank you for the feedback you provided via parent survey; Spicewood will use it to plan for next school year. Thank you for being an amazing support system and let us finish the year strong!


3rd Grade Living Museum
Third Grade Living Museum was well visited by many parents, students and staff members. I was personally blown away by all the knowledge and understanding of the historic figure that each student took on. It is always impressive to see our students always going beyond the facts of the research as they take time to dig deeper about what impacts they have made in this world. Great job, 3rd graders! Kudos to teachers who have guided their learning!

Family Gallery Night
Every child at Spicewood has a piece of art work displayed in the school building. Last Thursday night, students and parents were invited to share a moment to enjoy all the art work displayed around the school. Kudos to all the teachers that helped getting the art work hung on the walls or displayed in the halls! A big thank-you goes to Mrs. Raybourn and Mrs. Deb, our fabulous art teachers, for making this happen! 

This Week's News

Meet the Faces of Spicewood: We have quite a few that I'd like you to get to know this week :) Mrs. Joan Stein (3rd Grade Teacher); Mrs. April Morley (5th Grade Teacher); Mrs. Lynn Martinez (2nd Grade Teacher); Mrs. Julie Jacobs (2nd Grade Teacher); Mrs. Elise Harris (2nd Grade Teacher); Ms. Helen Hansen (2nd Grade Teacher); Mrs. Nina Moser (5th Grade Teacher)

New Student Registration

Parents, if you know anyone around the neighborhood who has not registered their child(ren) for next school year, please encourage them to come and register them this week! This includes incoming kindergarten students and/or any new students moving into the area. This will give us a clearer picture of our enrollment for next school year. 

School Supplies for Next Year
If you'd like to order school supplies, please refer to the Online Order Information placed in our eFolder. 

5th Grade Flyer from Food Services
Please be sure to read the letter from Food Services to our 5th grade students on "What To Expect Next Year in the Cafeteria." It's an informative document that guides students and parents through the transition process from elementary to middle school. 

End of Year Meal Balances- Message from Food Services
Beginning May 19th, students will not be able to go into the negative on the food service meal account.  Students may still use the account, but must have sufficient funds to purchase their meal.  Payments can be made through the online payment system or through your cafeteria manager.   If a student does not have sufficient funds for their meal they will be offered a cheese sandwich and milk.   

Campus-wide PJ Day: PTA Membership Reward
Spicewood will celebrate the success of platinum level of PTA membership status campus-wide on Thursday, May 29. All students can participate by wearing their PJ to school next Thursday, May 29. 

5th Grade Promotion Ceremony
On Friday, May 30, 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony will take place. Please adhere to the schedule below. 

7:45 Walk the School Halls
8:00 School Song
8:02 Welcome Remark by Mrs. Kim
8:05 Introduction by Mr. Ortiz
8:06 Skip Hobbie, Guest Speaker
8:17 Present certificates
8:35 Presentation of Class Gift
8:40 Slide Show
9:00 Closing Remark by Mrs. Page 

Abatement of Asbestos
There will be an abatement of asbestos taking place in the 100s wing (1st and 2nd grade classrooms as well as the art room) this summer. The work will start as soon as the teachers are out of session for the summer. YMCA Summer Program has been moved to Jollyville ES this summer.

Spicewood Summer Office Hours
The four-day office hours will begin June 9 and continue through August 7. School will shut down completely from June 13-July 6. Business hours will be 7:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday from June 9- July 24.  Business hours will be 7:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday from July 28- August 7. The Security System will be on over the summer when the custodians are not on duty. They do not work on Fridays. 

Spicewood's Final Spirit Night at Round Rock Express!
Our final Spirit Night will take its place at the Round Rock Express on Sunday, June 1. Click here for the official flyer. Deadline to order discounted tickets is Monday, May 19. This will be a great family event to close out the school year with fellow Spicewood families and friends. 


Monday, May 26
Memorial Day
No School Today

Thursday, May 29
Campus PJ Day

Friday, May 30
8:00-9:00AM   5th Grade Promotion Ceremony
Last Day of School for Students

Sunday, June 1
Final Spicewood Spirit Night at Round Rock Express

Monday, August 25
Meet the Teachers 
2:00-2:45PM   Kindergarten
2:30-3:15PM   1st-5th Grade

Tuesday, August 26
First Day of School for Students