Monday, May 23, 2016

Updates from the Principal

Dear families and community,

It's the very last Monday of this school year today! It's quite amazing to realize how fast the year has gone by yet again for all of us. As we wrap up the school year, students will be given opportunities to reflect on their journey of learning throughout the week in their classrooms. We have another busy week this week, starting with Principals' Pride Ceremonies, Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast and 5th Grade Exhibition Day on Wednesday. We'd love to see you all!


2016 Fifth Grade Class Gift 
Spicewood 5th grade class has graciously donated and built the beautiful fence sign on Anderson Mill Road. BIG THANKS to Mrs. Bibbo who has been working so hard to make this project a huge success! Thank you to all 5th grade parents and students for their monetary donation, time and effort. 

Family Gallery Night
We had a great Family Gallery Night last Thursday. Our students and parents were proud to see the authentic work of our talented artists. BIG Thanks to Mrs. Raybourn who made this night a night of success. Also, thank you to Mrs. Deb, our teachers and parent volunteers who helped hanging the art work. 

Field Day
Our Field Day couldn't have happened on a more perfect day! Our students had a blast at various activity stations that were set up. Big thanks to PE Teachers (Mr. Berry, Mrs. Robertson and Mrs. Ravines) for all their hard work for putting this special day together. Also, big thanks to all the parent volunteers! 

IB PYP 101

This portion of Mrs. Kim's letter is contributed by Mrs. Vance, our PYP Coordinator.

Check back next week for highlights from our 11th annual Exhibition!

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This Week's News

Principals' Pride Ceremonies
On Tuesday at 8AM, we'll be celebrating the success of our Kindergarten-2nd Grade students at our very last Principals' Pride Ceremony. On Thursday, at 8AM, we'll recognize our 3rd-5th grade students. 

5th Grade Exhibition
Our 5th grade students have been working tirelessly for a few months to showcase their Exhibition production. We invite all parents and community members to come join us on this proud day to see our students' journey through the IB PYP framework! Please come be part of our celebration of learning this Wednesday from 8:30-10:00AM! 

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast
Spicewood calls for all volunteers who have dedicated their time this school year volunteering at SWES. We would like to honor you and appreciate your work at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast next Tuesday, May 24 at 8:30-9:00AM in the library, immediately after the Principals' Pride Ceremony for K-2nd grade students. Please come join us! 

1st Annual Senior Walk at Spicewood
I came across an article about graduating seniors walking the halls of elementary campus to inspire young students. Upon suggesting it to Principal Arterbury at Westwood, our feeder pattern elementary schools have decided to invite our Westwood HS seniors in their graduation regalia on Wednesday, June 1 to make it happen at 2PM. If you know any graduating Seniors that went to Spicewood or ones that did not attend any feeder pattern elementary schools, they're all invited to participate in the Senior Walk next Wednesday. They'll need to report to the front entrance portico area by 1:45PM on Wednesday, June 1. 


Tuesday, May 24
8:00AM   K-2nd Principals' Pride
8:30-9:00AM   Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast in the Library

Wednesday, May 25
5th Grade Exhibition Day

Thursday, May 26
8:00AM 3rd-5th Principals' Pride

Monday, May 30
Staff & Student Holiday- No School

Thursday, June 2
Last Day of School for Students in RRISD